How to Play

Use the sliders in the top left to modify parameters. They are (from top to bottom)

- How much you use your resources

- How industrious your workers are

- Your workers greed (how likely it is for them to seek gold)

- Your workers libido (how likely it is for them to reproduce)

You are THE MARKET it is our job to influence the workforce to continuously generate gold!

Real Credits

Paul Redetzky                                         Code, UI                                      @PaulRdy

Elisabeth Harzbecker                         Art, UI                                          @laELLIminator


Download 24 MB


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Lots of questions. What are the black spheres? What's the bar over my workers heads for? Which stat is used for upgrades? The score? Are resources turned into gold (yellow spheres)? "Gier" and "Libido" correlate. What an interesting rethoric. 

However, like the aesthetic and simplicity of the visuals. Also the animations are very nice.